Historical costumes

These garments aim to accurately recreate historical fashions and have all been finished with period accurate techniques such as hand-overcast seams, button-and-loop closures, eyelet and lacing closures, and hand-made frogging.


1930s afternoon dress

bias-cut red silk chiffon dress with peach silk satin slip

© Photos: Gez Xavier Mansfield 2014 / Isabella Andronos 2014

1888 bustle dress

green and white striped cotton, green silk dupion, white cotton silk, antique lace

© Photos: Isabella Andronos 2014

1910 mourning dress

black silk wool blend dress with hand-made russia braid fastenings

© Photos: Gez Xavier Mansfield 2014

'Figaro' doublet for The Marriage of Figaro

wool, canvas, linen, braid

© Photos: Jeff Busby 2015; designed by Jenny Tiramani; conducted by Guillaume Tourniaire; directed by David McVicar