Fantasy costumes


'Duchess' costumes for Alice's Adventures in Wonderland ©

silk, lace, cotton, poly fringe and ribbon, silk satin, silk dupion

© Photos: Jeff Busby / Ally Deacon / Ra Stewart 2017; designed by Bob Crowley; choreographed by Christopher Wheeldon


velvet, brocade, organza, metallic foil, sequins, lace, laser cut acetate leaves, leather

© Photos: Renata Beslik 2013; designed by Ra Stewart, modelled by Jessica Allison

Dafne, a river nymph, is chased through the forest by the lecherous sun god Apollo. As he gains on her, water droplets dry out and lush wet leaves begin to curl and wither in the heat of the sun. 

Inspired by the opera La Dafne by Jacopo Peri, 1598

'Marsupial' body suits for The Rabbits

Brushed jersey, organza, wadding, foam 

© Photos: Jon Green / Toni Wilkinson / Jeff Busby 2015; designed by Gabriela Tylesova and Michael Hili, directed by John Sheedy


hand-painted cupro, organza, georgette, lace, plastic pipe, spiral steel boning, laser-cut timber

© Photos: Isabella Andronos 2014; designed by Ra Stewart; modelled by Georgia Blizzard

Olympia is the most beautiful woman Hoffmann has ever seen but he has been tricked - she is in fact a mechanical doll, a cyborg of blue pattered china and copper pipes created by two mad inventors. Above the waist she is the perfect woman Hoffmann sees but her dress fades away to reveal the mechanical workings underneath.

A steampunk reimagining of the opera The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach, 1870.

'Parap' costume for Hinterland

loose knit jersey, power mesh 

© Photos: NIDA 2013 (photographer Lisa Maree Williams); designed by Jacqueline Schofield; directed by Julian Meyrick; performer Benjamin Winckle